Saturday, November 9

Plain Sailing

The fare who I later found out was a sailor on his way back to join his ship in Plymouth must have been taking his last fond farewells from his lady friend.
 She was still naked hiding her modesty behind the door she waved him off, only problem being she had forgotten that the door was glass.
 He come out to the taxi and got in we both looked back at her still waving to him and still unaware of her ample charms being on display. 
And then we looked at each other  and smiled and he said "daft cow."


Anonymous said...

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William Robin said...

I felt every bit of that post. I can relate to EVERYTHING you said. Not wanting to expose yourself to possible ridicule. feeling like you did at sixteen. Good for you trying to rise above all that and do what you have to to learn what you want to know. I'll try (once again) to be inspired to do the same. Visit Sailing Team Building