Monday, December 21

Black eye Friday

The last Friday before Christmas is traditionally nicknamed Black Eye Friday as it usually the busiest day of the year for us and as people tend to have a little too much toi drink then fights start and hence the name Black Eye Friday.

However, this years seemed quite peaceful. It was a very busy night with lots of people out but I didnt once see a single fight. No doubt it was happening somewhere but just not near to anywhere I was.

Driving conditions were bad due to blck ice as the temperatures plummeted to -5 degrees Celcius
(23 degrees farenheit) but we got by and apart from slip sliding away in some places we made it through the night

Friday, December 18

Time For Bed

Theres nothing like putting my foot in it when a female passenger got into the car with a very young child.

I asked her where she was going to and she answered me and in the same sentence she spoke to the child but I didnt realise this.

Her reply and I quote, was "Lumley Street, - When we get home I`m taking you to bed"

Obviously (or maybe not obviously, the address part was meant for me and the rest she was saying to her child but it didn't sound that way to me and my ears pricked up and I answered her by saying that it was a very kind offer but I really couldn't as I had other fares to pick up.

She gave me a disgusting look and I pointed out to her what she had said she then realised and fortunately we both had a good laugh about it.

Tuesday, December 8

Sunday Roast to go....

Bob doesn't post much at all these days as he is mainly in the office but when he does get out on the road he tends to get some strange jobs.

The job that he went on last Sunday was one of those jobs where you don`t think you are going to get your fare to the destination in one piece.

Curious..... Bob picked up a fare and the fare came out with a Sunday Roast on a plate and asked him to deliver it to an address in Barrow. We do a lot of courier work picking up parcels and goods etc but a Roast Dinner.... Hmmm..

And the reason for the comment about not getting the fare to its destination is that (according to Bob) the meal smelt so good he was tempted to eat it.

What would you have done. If it was me I would have eat it then go to the chip shop and buy some chips to give to the person at the other end and say. "Heres your dinner".

Only Joking. of course but it does make me wonder what strange items have you been asked to deliver anywher

Wednesday, December 2

Wheres that at?

Wheres that at? Its a question that from time to time a driver will ask, especially if he is new or uncertain and theres no problem with that as its better to ask rather than the job run late due to not being able to get to it.

However, we do have a little laugh from time to time at the drivers expence, mainly due to them reading the info on the screen incorrectly.

The system works by sending the job details to the driver. The details usually include the pick up address, the customer name and the type of car required such as a 6 seater or an 8 seater, an estae car or a saloon car.

On this one occasion it was a saloon car required at the railway station so on the screen appeared the word "STATION" and the word "SALOON".

It was quite amusing when the driver contacted the office to ask if it was a new pub and wanted to know where the "STATION SALOON" was.