Saturday, December 20

Seasons Greetings

Hi Folks! Sorry to have been neglecting you for such a long while but I have been busy with other things. I seem to have hoodwinked myself into the management side of the taxi business and boy does it keep me busy! I have been spending less time out on the streets and as a result don't get to spend as much time gathering tales about our wonderful local characters. Bill another local cab-driver sent me this photo of "our Molly" who is without doubt the favorite fare of every local taxi driver. It seems that Molly is also a bit special to the many local town centre shopkeepers and market stallholders that she visits every day. They treat her like royalty and even took the time to decorate her much needed walking frame with sparkling Christmas decorations. If you look closely at the photo you may just notice that the twinkle in our Molly s eyes outshines the brightest tinsel. Things should quieten down in January and so I hope to be posting a bit more often then. Meanwhile compliments of the season and best wishes to everyone, and for those of you that have sent comments asking after me, sorry for not getting back sooner and thanks for the concern.
Cheers folks!