Monday, June 28

No answer

I was sat there listening to the taxi radio when the operator shouted up a driver and there was no response. She then shouted another driver and again there was no response. This went on for about 4 different drivers then all of a sudden all I heard over the radio from the operator was

"Is anyone rogering me tonight or not" I think I knew what she meant but the way iot came out sounded more like something else if you know what I mean. I just went into fits of laughter

Roger - Over and out

Wednesday, June 9

Motorway Madness

A few times in the last 3 or 4 week I have had reason to make use of Britain's motorway network. Now consider these are suppose to be the safest roads to drive on then there should be no problem with a nice easy drive as you head out on your journey.

Speeds on motorways in the UK are 70mph (around 120kmh) and the roads are wider, usually 3 lanes or more. All traffic goes in one direction, no roundabouts or traffic lights, no pedestrians or cyclists and all you need do is obey the rules oif the road and you should be OK.

One of my pet hates when motorway driving is idiots that come right up behind you, (Tailgating). Its dangerous as they are not leaving a large enough gap to stop in time should you need to brake hard but this last few week its not been the tailgater, Its been the white van driver and the sales reps.

They think they own the road and feel that its ok to not use their mirrors, pull out without indicating, overtake without warning, undertake and generally swerve from lane to lane.

Each one I actually managed to drive passed I looked at them and everyone of them had a mobile phone to their ear and driving with one hand on the wheel and obviously by their manner of driving they were not concentrating.

One lady driver had a mobile phone to her ear and a map laid out in front of her whilst she was driving.

Perish the thought of an accident waiting to happen. Every single person that weaved or drove erratically was on the phone at the time. The fine is £60 and and endorsement on the licence but this doesn't seem to deter these people.

Friday, June 4

Airport Journeys

Recently I have done a few airport runs picking up foreigners who need to be brought to the home town. Its not a bad run down the motorway and the journey can be completed in 2 hours each way so there's always a time for a good craic with the passengers assuming they speak good English.

This is actually usually the case and you can talk about all sorts of things with them and feel that after a 2 hour journey that you know them. Some just talk about work and some just grunt the odd English word at you.

One guy I picked up this week couldn't stop eyeing up the girls. It was beautiful weather and the girls were out wearing next to nothing and every female we past no matter what age or what they look like, he remarked saying that English girls very beautiful.

Another gentleman I picked up who couldn't speak much English was listening to music on the car radio and he kept joining in with English songs and words but well out of tune. I think he was trying to learn the language

The best of the lot really is what most foreign passengers do when you take them to the car... They try and get in the drivers side as they are not used to the fact that we drive on the left.