Friday, June 4

Airport Journeys

Recently I have done a few airport runs picking up foreigners who need to be brought to the home town. Its not a bad run down the motorway and the journey can be completed in 2 hours each way so there's always a time for a good craic with the passengers assuming they speak good English.

This is actually usually the case and you can talk about all sorts of things with them and feel that after a 2 hour journey that you know them. Some just talk about work and some just grunt the odd English word at you.

One guy I picked up this week couldn't stop eyeing up the girls. It was beautiful weather and the girls were out wearing next to nothing and every female we past no matter what age or what they look like, he remarked saying that English girls very beautiful.

Another gentleman I picked up who couldn't speak much English was listening to music on the car radio and he kept joining in with English songs and words but well out of tune. I think he was trying to learn the language

The best of the lot really is what most foreign passengers do when you take them to the car... They try and get in the drivers side as they are not used to the fact that we drive on the left.


Peggy said...

It's an easy mistake to make. I walk around to the wrong side of the car for about a week after visiting the US.

I'm glad you've posted. It's been pretty bad near you lately.

Unknown said...

Lol but here they go in the back so really doesnt matter but I sometime wish to drive from right
Btw wat does peggys last sentence mean?

Steve at the Pub said...

NYC driver, your radio station must be the only one that didn't broadcast the tragic news from Bob & Bill's part of the world?

Steve at the Pub said...

I've had that experience (trying get into the seat used by the taxi driver)
You feel a right goose after making that mistake.
But nowhere near as unsettled as when trying to get into the front seat of a taxi (even though on the passenger side) in a country where passengers don't ride in the front.
The cabbie usually looks weirdly at me & then glances at his handy-but-concealed heavy object (baton/piece of 2-inch wire cable/whatever)

Bill said...

A seperate post about the tragedy will be made soon. didn t want to do anything when it happened until all the details were verified

GoGo said...

Hi Bill.

“so there's always a time for a good craic with the passengers” I don’t think I have ever seen that word before, “craic”. Is it pronounced the same as “Crack” ?

Bill said...

Aaron. Spot on. Pronounced the same just different meaning

GoGo said...

Haa. Ok. I have another question. Have you ever herd the song, Coney Island by Van Morrison?

GoGo said...

In that song he says "The craic was good" in the first line, i was never sure what that meant, till now.

Sam Anderson said...

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