Wednesday, August 3

Code of Conduct

Below is a copy of our local councils proposed code of conduct.
Personally I agree with all of it and it seems to me to be all common sense.
I know of some local drivers who are whinging about it but the local trade desperately needs to improve standards of both cars and drivers.
It doesn't take more than a quick look around our local ranks and driver hangouts to spot a minority of drivers who fail to keep themselves and the cars which earn them a living clean and tidy.
The biggest problem in the local trade is simply apathy, drivers will moan and whinge about the trade between themselves but wont bother to get up off there butts and do something about it.
A copy of this proposed code of conduct has been sent to all the drivers but most of them if they bother to read it at all will simply moan about the cheek of the local council expecting them to come to the WORKPLACE clean and tidy.
 I just wonder if this code of conduct will be enforced, I sincerely hope so!
 We are often the first point of contact when we pick up people from out of the town, what sort of first  impression do we want to leave them with!