Monday, February 16

Feathered Fare

Ive learnt that sometimes it's best not to ask whats in boxes when folk load them into the boot.
But the strange noises coming from a box that a passenger gently placed in my trunk today got my curiosity aroused. During the ride I asked about the strange clucking noises coming from the boot but my amused fare wouldn't tell what was in the box until we reached our destination.
Lifting the box out of the boot he took the cover off to reveal a pair of plump chickens. After I had snapped a photo of our feathered travelling companions I suddenly thought about the fate of the hapless pair, and said that I didn't want to be the one delivering them to their eggsacution. But my fare assured me that the birds weren't due for the chop just yet and were to be kept for their eggs.

Tuesday, February 3

Clamped Cab

A local cabbie come back to his car which had been left untaxed on Barrows Cavendish Street and found that he had been clamped. Just goes to show that you can't get away with it nowadays.
The car in question is not one of our firms by the way, but a frantic check was carried out to make sure that all the fleet were up to date with tax was started straight away.