Tuesday, December 8

Sunday Roast to go....

Bob doesn't post much at all these days as he is mainly in the office but when he does get out on the road he tends to get some strange jobs.

The job that he went on last Sunday was one of those jobs where you don`t think you are going to get your fare to the destination in one piece.

Curious..... Bob picked up a fare and the fare came out with a Sunday Roast on a plate and asked him to deliver it to an address in Barrow. We do a lot of courier work picking up parcels and goods etc but a Roast Dinner.... Hmmm..

And the reason for the comment about not getting the fare to its destination is that (according to Bob) the meal smelt so good he was tempted to eat it.

What would you have done. If it was me I would have eat it then go to the chip shop and buy some chips to give to the person at the other end and say. "Heres your dinner".

Only Joking. of course but it does make me wonder what strange items have you been asked to deliver anywher

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