Wednesday, December 2

Wheres that at?

Wheres that at? Its a question that from time to time a driver will ask, especially if he is new or uncertain and theres no problem with that as its better to ask rather than the job run late due to not being able to get to it.

However, we do have a little laugh from time to time at the drivers expence, mainly due to them reading the info on the screen incorrectly.

The system works by sending the job details to the driver. The details usually include the pick up address, the customer name and the type of car required such as a 6 seater or an 8 seater, an estae car or a saloon car.

On this one occasion it was a saloon car required at the railway station so on the screen appeared the word "STATION" and the word "SALOON".

It was quite amusing when the driver contacted the office to ask if it was a new pub and wanted to know where the "STATION SALOON" was.

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