Wednesday, November 13

Bully Boys

There must be a whole generation of children growing up now who must be absolutely terrified of taxi drivers. There are lots of mothers who when the child won't sit still or be quiet use the threats of "the driver will shout at you"" the driver will throw you out," the driver will hit you."
I myself am perfectly mild mannered and non violent and have never been known to kick, bite or scratch at any time unless seriously provoked and I sometimes struggle to stop myself from laughing at these idle threats. Some of the younger kids do take it half seriously though and you can see them looking at me in frightened awe in case I really am the psychotic sadist that mother says I am. 
I don’t suppose we will get many taxi fares of these children when they grow up eh!

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Emma Stearns said...

I agree with you 100 %. Parents, especially moms need to find some other reason to make their children sit quietly in the cab. Or else we will be out of business.

Thanks for sharing