Saturday, February 12

Window Cleaner

I have gotten used to some of my fares taking their own sweet time coming out of their houses and getting into the Taxi that they have ordered. Usually it’s a case of not being quite ready because the cab arrived quicker than they thought. Sometimes they struggle to find keys, mobile phone, tickets etc, this is par for the course and doesn’t bother me unduly.
But today when I arrived outside the fares house bang on time was a first for me and left me slightly bewildered. My fare, a well dressed fairly normal looking woman looked out of her front door and raised one finger towards me which is the usual signal to say that she would be out in a minute or so. Imagine my surprise when she reappeared with a window cleaning squeegee and promptly started to clean her front bay window.
She rushed at it as a woman possessed and the squeegee was a blur as she washed and dried off her window in record time.
She then threw the window cleaning gear back into her house, came out, and got in the taxi.
She could see my perplexed expression and so had to give me some kind of explanation.  She said “that mucky window has been driving me mad all morning and I just couldn’t leave the house with it like that, it would have driven me mad thinking about it.”
Some folk really are a bit strange eh!


John said...

Did you have the meter running?

bob mullen said...

Of course John fairs fair eh.

Real cab driver said...

Meter? What's that? In the shared ride business (21+ years driving one) the driver eats that time for free.

AND, if you don't like it, drive away perhaps, they just call back and the company will send them another cab. 2nd cab doesn't load, they'll send a 3rd usually if they whine enough.

All for free!

Then when they get in, they might say they're a buck light on the fare. If you decline to take them, they call back and get yet another cab sent. No, I'm not kidding, it's the truth.

bob mullen said...

Real Cab Driver: Sounds like it was over here maybe twenty or thirty years ago or so the old timers tell me. I will be doing a post about waiting time in the next day or two which shows why you need it.

Bill said...

"I will be doing a post about waiting time in the next day or two which shows why you need it."

Wheres the post.. Ive been waiting in anticipation.. :)

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