Wednesday, February 9

Busy Docks

The local Docks in Barrow in Furness seem to be booming at the moment. Everywhere you look on every spare inch of water a ship or boat is moored.
 This comes about because of the boom in the offshore wind turbine industry.
 We have several big projects going on at the moment in the Irish Sea off Walney. Unfortunately, most of the materials and labor are supplied by the Dutch and Danish, I would have liked to have seen more UK involvement but as most of the investment is by Danish companies, we will have to accept it as sort of second invasion of the Vikings. Still I have had quite a few of the workers and crew as passengers and they seem like a nice bunch of characters.

Wondering about amongst all these ships and boats looking for my fare I was amazed to spot an ex RAF jetfighter hidden away in a corner, How did that get there?


Anonymous said...

A rather poorly looking Seahawk.
There is a little more info @
If it is of any assitance.

bob mullen said...

Thanks for that very interesting. This particular bird was from Millom Air Museum I think.

Steve at the Pub said...

That "ex-RAF" fighter jet has "Royal Navy" stencilled on the tail!

bob mullen said...

Aye Steve well spotted, Your Observance is only matched by my daftness

BoatParadise Boats for Sale said...

Ha ha...You were hidden there.

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