Sunday, January 3


The Christmas and New Year weeks were very busy with a lot of work for everyone but the problems occur when customers decide to book a taxi to go home.

The two main issues were that customers would book you and you would turn up to pick them up. They would then acknowledge you and then spend a good 10 minutes saying their goodbyes to their friends whilst everyone shakes hands and kisses.

OK so its New Year and you have to allow for this sort of thing but surely it would make sense to be ready when you book the taxi. The problem here caused you to set off with the fare 10 minutes late making you late on your next pick up and this had a knock on effect making jobs run late and the customer has the nerve to blame either the driver or the office staff when its their own fault.

The other issue is, that customers seem to ring a number of taxi firms and order a taxi to take them home from each firm. The customer will then jump in the first car that arrives and not even have the decency to ring the other firms and cancel the cab. From our side of it we end up sat outside a house with about 4 or 5 other cabs from different firms and none of us gets a pick up

However, not all customers are the same and the vast majority were ok and even gave tips as well. Its just a minority of ignorant customers that will do this.

Anyway, its 2010 and hopefully back to the norm.

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