Saturday, January 9

The Driving Instructor

Today I picked a fare up who was a local driving instructor who had been having a drink with the family and quite wisely he left his car behind and so after picking him up he sits in the front seat, puts his seat belt on and I ask him where he wanted to go.

He told me where he wanted and I set off.... Next thing I hear him say to me is....................

"At the end of the street Turns left. Position yourself correctly and use your mirror."

I was just about to say something when he carried on talking to his wife and when I approached a roundabout he then said to me... "Use Mirror, signal and Manoeuvre and get in lane". He then carried on talking to his wife.

At this point I thought he was being a bit sarcastic but he seemed a jolly enough fellow and then I seized the opportunity to ask him what he wanted me to do as he had been giving me instruction all the way.

He went a slight shade of red and said he didn't realise he was doing it and it was out of habit. His wife backed me up this and he was very apologetic.

In fact, he couldn't apologise enough and when I came to the end of the journey he gave me a £10 note and told me to keep the change for the trouble.

No trouble, I thought.. Just humorous...

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Carl said...

Really funny story. Thanks for sharing it.