Saturday, November 14

Passenger forgets taxi

Picked a fare up today from a local pub. He was very drunk but happy with it. He wanted me to take him to a local shop so he could buy some more beer. I did this and he asked me to wait whilst he went in the shop.

5 minutes went by and no sign of him. I thought that he cant be far away as he is a regular fare so I gave it a few more minutes and I failed to see him come out of the shop and walk off down the street so I`m still sat there outside the shop waiting. I knew he would be back as he left some things in the car including his jacket and house keys.

Another couple of minutes and nothing so I decided to get the callers number and ring him back. He answered, apologised to me and sai d he was at home and forgot I was there and to call round and get the fare. I did this. He got his belongings out the cab and I got my fare which had clocked up nicely on the meter.

He was very apologetic, said he had been celebrating and was drunk and when I asked him what he was celebrating. he said.... Super Sunday......

Its now November and the last Super Sunday was at the end of August.

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