Wednesday, November 11


I was sent to pick up a fare on Walney Island when I pulled up outside the house and this elderly man from next door came out and jumped in the cab. He asked me where his lady friend was and why I hadn't picked her up first.

Scratching my head I told him that this wasn't his taxi but he insisted that it was and that he wanted to know why I hadn't picked his lady friend up. I asked him where from and it was pretty much around the corner so I thought if I`m only going to be a few minutes then I would take him round the corner.

I did this only for him to find that his lady friend wasn't at home. I knew now what had happened. He had rang a different taxi company at the same time that my fare had booked me and he thought I was for him The best thing I could do was take him back home and as luck would have it, his taxi was outside his house complete with his lady friend in the back seat.

The other taxi driver had panicked wondering where he was and thought he may have fell ill in the house. I managed to get the elderly man out of my car and re-united with his lady friend but with all this happening and not knowing how long I was going to be sorting this out I decided to contact my office and get them to send another car to my job.

The whole incident lasted about 10 minutes and I lost a job through it but I couldn't very well throw a 97 year old man out of my car onto the cold street.

At least all worked out OK for them. He found his lady friend and she was relieved that he was OK. It was just a genuine mistake on his behalf but after talking to the other driver I was told that this couple are a regular fare of theirs and he is 97 years old and gets very confused.

I`m just glad that all was sorted and I didn't mind losing a fare as the health of a 97 year old is more important


John said...

The older the fiddle the sweeter the tune..Life in the old dog yet

Peggy said...

I'm glad it all worked out for the old fella but I'm sorry you lost a fare.