Sunday, August 10

Grand and Petit Taxi's

This battered old Chevy is a more unusual example of the Moroccan Grand taxi, most seemed to be battered 70s vintage Mercedes. The Grand taxi can seat up to six passengers and has no meter, fares can be negotiated before you hire one. The other type of taxi of which two can be seen in the background is the Petit taxi, they can carry three passengers and have a meter fitted. The Petit taxi is only used within the city limits and are amazingly cheap,anywhere in town for about £1.80p.

The example below is a Grand Taxi spotted on a dusty highway way up in the Anti Atlas mountains.


Paradise Driver said...

That first image looks like a '64 Chevy Bel Aire.

bob mullen said...

You would be the man that knows better than me Wil. You are most likely right.

John said...

Are you sure you were not in Cuba?
Back to warm ale and porrage.

King of New York Hacks said...

John is right, these have an outboard motor on them now and are used to sail to florida as you can see in the link:

Peggy said...

That car looks like my first one, a 67 Plymouth Fury - bench seats!!

Peggy said...

but on closer inspection it is infact a Chevy Impala. I'm guessing the year will be in the mid60s

Anonymous said...

1962 Chevy Impala 4-door. Like this one:


NYC taxi photo said...

What a brilliant idea, I've been thinking lately we in nyc should have half our cars be tiny cars for single passengers at small distances, while the other boats can handle the longer rides.

pure genius!

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