Sunday, August 10

Suits You!

I shall more than likely be hunted down and thrashed with rolled up copies of the Guardian newspaper, by the PC brigade for this one, but it's a true story and I don't mean any offence. 
Walking down to the sea front I couldn't help notice as a women stood at a street stall trying on different styles of sunglasses. As she tried each pair on she gazed into a mirror and checked out how she looked in the different colours and styles.
 Then she would ask her companion for an opinion on whether or not they suited her. What was strange to my unsophisticated eyes was that she was dressed in full black Hijab and covered from head to toe with only a slit for her eyes.


John said...

Yes we have them too. Cause havok coming in on late flights cause they won't show us your face.
Then a female customs officer has to be sent for.
Glad you enjoyed Morocco.

King of New York Hacks said...

Guess it's the one bit of fashion they get to enjoy although they are broadening their horizons.This link shows that. now.