Thursday, August 14

Official Vandals

I see that the vandals from way up north of Cumbria have had their annual spree of mayhem and destruction. Yep it's that time of the year again, and we the poor ratepayer have to pay for the doubtful privilege of Carlisle contractors spaying our roads with black sticky tar and then gleefully throwing truckloads of paint chipping stones and dust in all the wrong places. The boys have excelled themselves this year, particularly on Barrow's Schneider Rd which has been transformed from quite a decent stretch of road into a dusty hazardous disaster area. Impressive clouds of dust recreate scenes from hundreds of years ago making the road look like some sort of rural dirt farm track. To add to the authenticity of the scene all modern road markings have been obliterated including the green cycle tracks for which we paid many tens of thousands of pounds to be laid. 


Lou said...

TPTB decided the cycle lane on Schneider Road was more of a hazard than help because of the cars parked on it. And rather than ticket the cars and make people use their drives they decided to remove the cycle lane, and make cyclists risk life and limb one again.

bob mullen said...

Jane:I did hear a rumour about that but I understood that it was only the side with the houses on that was to lose the bike lane, not both sides.

Anonymous said...

Well, give parking tickets to the cars parked in the cycle lane. Simple, really.