Monday, January 16

Fuel Frustration

Now being a taxi driver has recently been named as one of the ten most stressful jobs so it’s best to try and be calm and placid all the time whilst working, or else they say that the stress will eventually kill you.
Now nothing usually gets to me, I tend to try and ignore the bad driving and rudeness of the minority who are the morons of the road.
But one thing really gets my teeth gnashing and my rarely used stock of swearwords in full flow.
It was a busy day, I was low on fuel, and so during a lull I headed into my usual supermarket garage to top up the diesel.
But it looked as if every other driver in town had the same idea at the same time and all the lanes were backed up.
After doing the usual dip zoo magazoo to pick which lane to wait in I joined a line of cars.
Much later I was next in line and it was finally about to be my turn at the pump.
The driver of the car in front of me had got into their car and I moved eagerly forward ready to take its place.
The driver happened to be a woman but I have had the same maddening experience from both sexes.
 She firstly checked her hair and makeup in the mirror and then carefully stowed away her credit cards cash and sweeties etc, into her handbag.
 I started to edge forward as she put her bag on the floor and started to fasten her seat belt.
 But after fiddling about finding the buckle and adjusting the belt to her liking, she then found that her keys were not in the ignition, so it was off with the belt and back out with the full contents of the bottomless bag.
By this time, all the other lanes had emptied but another car had come up close behind me and I was helplessly trapped not earning and squirming with frustration.
A good few minutes later and the missing keys were found, the seatbelt was fastened, and my hopes were again rising.
Only to be cruelly dashed when a final mirror check revealed some defect in her eye make-up.
Yep you guessed it the make-up was in the bottomless bag on the floor and so it went on with her still blissfully unaware of the queue behind her.
That is until she noticed that my taxi was now only a coat of paint away from her car and that I was revving the engine and mouthing curses about her and all her ancestors before her.
She drove of looking quite flustered, I filled up whilst taking deep breaths, and considering a change of career perhaps a Buddhist monk or a soot juggler eh!


Colin said...

What you need to do is to toot the horn once, then flash the lights and if that fails to dislodge her, lean out of the window and shout something like "come on, get a move on, love."

bob mullen said...

I'm far too mild mannered to do owt like that. It take a lot to get me riled but as the saying goes" beware the temper of the quiet man"

taxi tours said...

awesome story.....regards from Greece

Airport Taxi said...

Good story. Thanks for sharing.

Transportation To Pearson Airport said...

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jacklymartin said...

The driver of the automobile in front of me had got in to their automobile & I moved eagerly forward prepared to take its place.

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Devon Driver said...

A typical example of the differences in men and women.

I like to see how soon I can get my car moving after arse-hits-seat.

Also another reason why I do my fuel on the way home.

Brett Monaghan said...

Great story. Fortuantly we dont have line ups that long here in Richmond/Windsor, Australia

Isla said...

I'd drive you mad at the petrol station on my bike!
I have to take my helmet and gloves off to pay.
Then get back to the bike put my wallet away and undo the velcro cuffs on my jacket.
I then undo both sets of velcro on each glove, and finally put my gloves on doing up all three sets of velcro.
Next I have to turn to face against the wind so my hair blows back from my face, then I put my helmet on.
Then lock and shut the helmet box.
Zip up my coat, pull my buff up over my face, get on the bike, start it up and set off!
Just to top it off I fill up my tank on £5 of petrol!

Rose said...

Maybe you could've yelled 'There's lipstick on your teeth, darling!' At least that would've made her look.

24 hr taxi cabs said...

Ha ha .....wrong place on a wrong day :)

Henry Krinkle said...

Gas prices are getting pretty out of hand here in san diego as well. They average around $4.35 per gallon. Better than a few years ago though I guess when it cost nearly $80 to fill up my taxi.

Hope all is well,


Anonymous said...

Nearly as bad as living in The Republic of Panama -- recently, due to the Indigenous demonstrating and blocking the Interamericano Highway because the government had sold mining rights for copper deposits found on Indigenous Land to foreign companies, no gas was being trucked up to Chiriqui, where we live. Consequently, lines at gas stations were LONG. But typical Panama, people take this as an opportunity to visit with friends and relatives who are also in line -- and everybody is related here, or related to a friend. I went early to fill up -- ninth in line and I was there for over three hours!! And don't get me started about going to the pictures -- you can't hear the film because of everybody in the aisle greeting each other like long lost extremely rich relations!! (And no doubt they only saw each other two hours previously) But it's a beautiful country, however I still miss Marsh's Sass.
Cheers, Marion

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Well a survey has proved that Taxi Driving actually is one of the top 10 stressful jobs !!

Unknown said...

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Devon Driver said...

Sorry, what was you saying about fuel FRUSTRATION?

Xpert Cars said... said...

I would have gotten out and told her to move you might see that as a bit rude but time is money and she is not paying you to watch her tart herself up in the mirror.

Travels In a Cab said...

LOL. Great story. Just found your blog; thus...bookmarked. Cheers!

LondonTaxi said...

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Moe Satriani said...

I don't know if I could survive being a taxi driver. You have a really hard job. I try to be respectful the the drivers whenever I hail one. I can't believe the things that people say and do. It is so crazy to me that people can't be courteous and respectful.

Unknown said...

I've been wondering just how much gas a taxi driver really uses on average per day. It must be a ton!

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