Friday, December 18

Time For Bed

Theres nothing like putting my foot in it when a female passenger got into the car with a very young child.

I asked her where she was going to and she answered me and in the same sentence she spoke to the child but I didnt realise this.

Her reply and I quote, was "Lumley Street, - When we get home I`m taking you to bed"

Obviously (or maybe not obviously, the address part was meant for me and the rest she was saying to her child but it didn't sound that way to me and my ears pricked up and I answered her by saying that it was a very kind offer but I really couldn't as I had other fares to pick up.

She gave me a disgusting look and I pointed out to her what she had said she then realised and fortunately we both had a good laugh about it.


Anonymous said...

hello chaps,
just found your blog after googling the phrase 'black eye friday'. well, it's that time of year again so best of luck for tonight!
great blog by the way, read a couple of a stories out loud to my friend.
i work in advertising in london but as flash as this sounds, i'm originally from east hull. i keep seeing 'barrow' mentioned and am wondering if it's barrow-on-humber?
anyway, i'm rambling.. great blog and happy driving!
merry christmas.

Bill said...

Its Barrow In Furness. In the Lake District area. Just google the post code LA14