Sunday, June 21


RESPECT..... Wheres it gone...

This weekend, last job of the night around 4am I picked a young chav up and took him to an address in the town centre. On the journey into town he was ok and very quiet, you know the type, not very talkative but there again chavs do have a limited vocabulary.

On arriving at his destination he didnt have enough to pay the fare and got out the cab and knocked on a door to get it. After getting no response he kicked the door and shouted words to the effect of "Open this F****ng door now. A woman answered the door and he became very abusive with her. "Pay the taxi now you slag" was what he said to her.

5 minutes went by whilst he went in the house with her and then she shouted through the partly open front door for me to get the police. Just then, the young chav came out and paid me the fare using money given to him by the woman. At this point I learnt that the woman was his mother as he told me that his mother gave him the money.

I then notice his mother at the door with blood all over her nose and mouth. The young chav grabbed his mobile phone from me and flew towards his mother who immediately slammed the door and locked him out.

I`ve now been paid and am on my way but as I moved off down the street I could hear this young thug banging and kicking the door and shouting obscenities at the top of his voice. I did call the police for fear of his mothers safety and judging by the noise he was making then I`m guessing most the neighbours would have also called the Police

Maybe its me, maybe its the way I`ve been brought up but I was always taught to respect my elders and I never ever would have treated my mother like this. Whats the world come to???

The best of it is that this violent chav didnt seem drunk or high on drugs and yet he was violent towards his mother and had total disregard for his mothers neighbours.


Unknown said...

disgusting, to be honest i'm glad i was you mate... i'd be in a cell right now, i'd have got out of the cab and given him the kicking of a life time!

i can't stand kids who disrespect their parents especially chav's
walking round all day with their hands down the joggers playing with the same thing they look like.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you. Unfortunately it is way pas disrespect. The chav was clearly a one of the underclasses, a savage. The only thing people like him understand is a good beating.

Don Cox said...

"The only thing people like him understand is a good beating."

We know nothing about the background to this appalling behavior. It may well be that he has had too many beatings already. I think it is very unlikely that a beating would change his character for the better. A long jail sentence would at least protect other people for a while.