Friday, June 19

Wheres That Then?

I picked 3 females up this week and the conversation in the cab between them was along the lines of a new taxi company not knowing where streets and places were and how the service is of no good.

My ears pricked up so I could try and find out which company they were on about.

One girl says that when she rang for a cab she wanted to be picked up from the Cemetery Cottages Club only to be asked by the taxi office - "Wheres That Then". Up the road from the Tally Ho was the answer. Tally Ho???? Never heard of that one. What area is that...... Our young passenger said "Near Asda". The reply from the cab compnay was "Which Asda". Our girl says "Theres only one asda, got in a stroppy mood and told them that they were all a bunch of useless $£*&$ and hung up.

So the other girl in the car asks her mate which company she rang and she said she didnt know as she had used her other mates phone and it just said TAXI on the phone.

Her other mate (the 3rd girl in the car) who had been quiet upto now started laughing. At this point I found out her mate lived in Manchester ( about 90 miles away) and was visiting our local town and so the cab company in question was a Manchester company. No wonder they were confused,


Bill said...

Excellent, that made me laugh.

Excellent blog by the way, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Very funny! First visit to this Blog. I like it!

Bill said...

Welcome to the blog. It was started out by Bob but I`ve been adding bits lately as he`s busy with other things.

L.Merri said...

Hahaha typical!

Great blog mate. I am now officially a follower!