Tuesday, June 9

The Paratrooper

What a way to end a shift. The guy I picked up from one of the towns main nightclubs was well drunk. He clambered into the back of the cab, couldn't remember where he was going and after telling me he wanted to go to the nearby Isle of Walney I then set off.

He decided to lean forward, then sideways and did a few funny manoeuvres in the rear seat before finally falling asleep. I thought nothing of this as its quite usual for drunks to fall asleep on their way home but what did startle me was that part way through the journey he suddenly, woke up, sat up as straight as he could, mumbled something, opened the door and jumped out of the car.

I stopped to make sure he was ok after he decided to jump out of a moving car and after a bit of sorting out it transpires he thought he was in an aeroplane and was ready to parachute out.

He was very lucky not to sustain any injuries apart from ripped clothing and a few grazes and it was a good job I was going slow as I was in an area with speed ramps.

Strange thing is, he seemed to sober up pretty quick, realised what had happened, apologised and paid the fare before walking off up the road.

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