Tuesday, March 6

Not for Sale

The wife was in the kitchen listening to "murph in the morning" and trying to win the mornings special prize of a nasal and nose hair trim from Ken Riley's. A loud banging coming from the front of the house, alarmed her and so she went to investigate, out in the front garden was a guy hammering a huge for sale board into the garden. "This house isn't for sale" she told him and so he checked his paperwork, "yep this is the one" he confirmed after asking the house number, after a few more minutes of "oh yes it is "and "oh no it isn't" he swore and and said "I'm sick of this it's the fourth today". As the neighbours sadly lowered the flags and cancelled the parties, he moved up the street to remove another wrongly placed for sale board from some other victims house. That's four that we know of in this street alone in the last few months, if it wasn't so frequent you'd take it as a joke, you could forgive the odd mistake but this is bordering on incompetence. You can only imagine the stress and worry this could cause some folk, tenants in a rented house may think the landlord is about to make them homeless or if they are a bit behind with the mortgage, is their home about to be repossessed? Then those in even slightly shaky relationships are bound to think that their partner is selling their house and home behind their backs


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Bill said...

Which one you getting rid of Bob, the house or the wife.

bob mullen said...

bill: depends how much you are bidding.