Sunday, September 7


When someone seems to be talking to me from the seat directly behind nowadays, I have learnt not to answer straight away. 
This is after a couple of embarrassing incidents when I have answered them only to realise that they were actually talking to someone on their mobile phones and not actually to me. 
This mainly happens when they have the phone set to silent or vibrate mode and they then get a call, or they suddenly decide they desperately need to call someone right away and it cant wait a few minutes till I drop them off.
 Mobile phones to me can be very anti-social things, many times I have had three or four passengers in the taxi and instead of talking to each other they are all talking and texting to other people on their smartphones.
And I really really hate it when children are asking mum questions or trying to talk about their day and the mum completely ignores them because they have to urgently  update facebook or text back to some rubbish on messenger!
  The other anti-social thing that winds me up is when they get in the taxi wearing earphones and then turn the music down to tell you where they are going and then turn it right up to the max again for the rest of the journey.
 Some folk have it that loud that that I can hear the music louder than the car radio, that surely must be damaging these antisocial music fanatics hearing in some way.


Unknown said...

That's a pretty funny experience! I've done the same things many times on campus walking around. People don't really talk to each other. It seems like people want to always be somewhere other than where they are. You're a good cab driver for still being nice to people and socializing. Keep up the good work!

Gerald Vonberger |

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i believe i can fly said...

exactly as we are also in transportation business facing same thing sometime not every time but need to adjust you know that,s business but at my end if someone is traveling for business he must have right to talk while he is seated behind but mostly people just making calls to someone only to make a impression that they are here there etc Metro Taxi

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