Tuesday, November 26

999 Taxi

Well it seems that the NHS now want cabbies as well as transporting patients home when they are still in a lot of cases desperately unwell now want us to attend 999 calls as well.
Not a lot of us have any sort of medical training or experience so if this is true then we can expect serious consequences.
I have had many cases of transporting discharged patients home and being more than a little worried about how they would cope when they got home. Some are brought to the taxi in wheelchairs and struggle to stand to get into the taxi. Then we have a struggle to help them out at the other end sometimes into a cold house without any way of preparing hot food for themselves.
We do what we can but at the end of the day we are neither qualified or paid to go beyond just driving the taxi. The other big issue is that if we do enter the patients property then we are not insured and are wide open to accusations of dishonesty or worse.    



Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

Our taxi drivers will assist with wheelchair access and will ensure that wheelchairs are properly and safely secured before setting off on a journey, assisting passengers to disembark at the other end too.

Taxi drivers are also trained to help people with moderate walking difficulties, as well as those with impaired vision or hearing
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