Thursday, May 26

The Language Barrier

Well not so much the language but the dialect of two Indian doctors I had picked up that wanted to go to the local hospital.. I asked them which entrance and one of them said "ANY".. Fine. Maybe I should ask again so I did and got the same response "ANY". I said "Are you sure you want any entrance?" and he said YES.

I then said I would take them to the main entrance and he said "No... I want any entrance". This had me a little baffled until he said it a bit slower. "I want A and E Entrance".

I felt a right plonker.


PCO Licence said...

You got them there safe and sound though so it all worked out in the end.

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you are right language issues ofteh occur and result in mkisconception during communication
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Unknown said...

Yes it happen many time with me but main problem is in their accent, the way they speak.

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Alan said...

This irritates me too much. well, that's a part of our work :(
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