Wednesday, February 23

Pre-booked cab

Some people will always book their taxi well in advance and will ask for a taxi at 9am or 10.30pm or five to eleven etc etc but there's always one that has to be a bit eccentric I suppose..

I didn't think anything of it at first until I noticed on the PDA screen (image to the left) that the job was pre-booked for 9.02pm and even so I thought that the customer had rang it asking for it in 20 mins and the telephonist at our end had booked it in as 20 minutes from the current time for example but curiosity got the better of me and so I questioned the young man and asked "What time did you book your cab for" expecting him to say 9pm. He actually said 2 minutes past nine and went on to explain that he was meeting a girl in the pub and had told her that if she wasn't there by 9pm that he would be going without her and he had rang the taxi at 8pm ish anticipating that she wasn't going to turn up and allowed 2 minutes at 9pm and then got in the taxi and went on his way.


John said...

I love the self-defeating impatience there. Two people's watches could easily be out by 5 minutes difference.

A taxi driver will usually arrive at a timed booking 2 or 3 minutes early anyway.

By the looks of it you were waiting time round the corner.

I'd have booked it for quarter past and just had one more drink

Chauffeur said...

Just one of a many such eccentic bookings, I couldn't help but smile when reading this blog!! I have seen a few of these.

Unknown said...

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