Monday, December 21

Black eye Friday

The last Friday before Christmas is traditionally nicknamed Black Eye Friday as it usually the busiest day of the year for us and as people tend to have a little too much toi drink then fights start and hence the name Black Eye Friday.

However, this years seemed quite peaceful. It was a very busy night with lots of people out but I didnt once see a single fight. No doubt it was happening somewhere but just not near to anywhere I was.

Driving conditions were bad due to blck ice as the temperatures plummeted to -5 degrees Celcius
(23 degrees farenheit) but we got by and apart from slip sliding away in some places we made it through the night


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Anonymous said...

5 degrees, 5 DEGREES, try minus 5 degrees then complain about driving conditions

Anonymous said...

Sorry misunderstood your post, you were driving in minus 5 degrees