Tuesday, September 29

Young Mums attitude to child safety

Earlier today I was travelling along a major road in the town when I saw a young mother pushing a pram. She wanted to cross the road and was stood on the edge of the kerb waiting for a gap in the traffic. She was on the edge of the road and the pram was actually on the road.

I saw this and indicated to pull out into the middle of the road giving the pram a wide birth. She just stood there with her hand son the pram, fag in her mouth looking very much like "Waynetta Slob" from the Harry Enfield shows on the television.

You could see her nervously pushing the pram further into the road and then back again in a hope that traffic would stop to let her cross.

This isnt the first time I`ve seen this and it seems to be a thing with young mothers lately where they dont seem to put their childs safety first. Personally I don`t think some of them even care.

The crazy thing about this was that 20 yards down the road was a zebra crossing and she couldnt be bothered to walk towards it and use it.

Standing on the kerb with the pram in the road is a dangerous thing to do. I wish these idiots would think about the consequences of what damage could be done to their child.


Peggy said...

Young mums are just that - young. In the animal kingdom, it is seldom that first offspring survive. Often they manage to kill the baby with inexperience or neglect. The anmial mothers who have had good mothers themselves do a bit better. It is only when mothers become more experienced that they settle in and become good at being a parent. The only thing that will prevent young mums from using their prams to stop traffic is either a terrible accident or the mums grow up a bit. Let's hope it is the last one.

al said...

well put peggy

Inactive said...

Too true! And we wonder where the attitudes of kids comes from nowadays... not always, but quite often, it's passed down.

A bit off-topic, but I've been reading an interesting thread on Martin Lewis' Money-saving Expert messageboard. The debate is whether cabbies should be paid if they forget to turn on the meter.


Curious to hear your views. FWIW, I'm just a simple, plain member of the public too and not a taxi driver but I did stand up for you guys. Fare's fare (sic)

Be warned though: the attitudes of some on there might wind you up (I had to laugh at someone's claim that taxi drivers earn almost as much as doctors!)

al said...

mmm could be intresting deryk.

Lou said...
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Anonymous said...

Is this a real stable attitude or more of a situational habit? Tell me