Sunday, September 27

Lazy Boyfriend

Picked a fare up this week, a young lady around 25 to 30 years old who had a little boy with her aged around 10 years old. He didn't say much apart from saying goodbye at the end of the journey, However, his mum was totally different....

She proceeded to tell me how her boyfriend was a "lazy lump" who didn't work and wouldn't do any work around the house. He went out drinking and when he came home he would just fall asleep.

The conversation then turned to sex as she said that she was fed up with him not performing properly and all he wanted to do was fall asleep.

A little too much information was spoken from her mouth and from a taxi drivers point of view, we do get to hear all sorts of stuff but to talk about this in detail in front of her child.... well, no wonder he was quiet and going a deep shade of red. I asked her if she always discussed matters like this in front of him and her response.... "Well he`s got to learn sometime"

I was glad when the journey ended as I could see that poor boy going red and felt really sorry for him


al said...

wasnt from walney? I took someone with his bin bag of belongings the other day he explained why and he sounds just like this person

Bill said...

Al: Coincidence maybe. Thius fare I did went from Near Tally Ho to Ormsgill

al said...

took the culprit to ormsgill he didnt understand what her problem was. he said he likes to get up at 3 have a fag and watch tv and all she does is moan when she gets home from work.