Thursday, July 23


You may remember a story about an aggressive taxi fare on Boxing Day last year where the passenger was arrested and charged. Full details HERE.

The incident happened on Boxing Day, The court case was 13th January 2009 and the outcome was a 4 month curfew and £100 compensation payable to me.

6 months down the line and I still havnt received a penny of it so today I telephoned the magistrates court and was told that this person has a lot of previous convictions and is paying off previous fines and compensation. The courts have confrimed that his last fine was paid off last week and they have now sent him a "means Test" form. This will allow the magistrates to assess how much compensation a week he can pay me.

Its just so annoying to be a victim of crime and be left out of pocket all this time. What is the point of compensation being awarded if the defendant cant pay and even if paid then getting a few quid per week isnt beneficial.

This sends out the wroing message to the criminal as they know that any fine they get can be paid weekly or monthly and they probably wont miss it. What sort of deterrent is that?


Anonymous said...

i got held at knife point and had to drive to numptys to manchester then when in manchester i had to drive them around and pick up ppl and drop ppl off in all i would say it lasted 3 hours and because when i was 18 yes 18 16 years earlyer i had suffered from panic attacks i was intitled to fck all lololol because they said they could not work out if it had affected me or if it was just the panic attacks that had come back :)NOW THERE IS A JOKE FOR YOU LOLOLOL the two lads that did it to me will do there time in jail on 3 meals a day and collect there lump sum when they leave . So i really understand how pissed off you are but to be honest your better being a crook theses days than being a honest tax working member of the public

sorry about the spelling ect but when i read this i had to type something as its a fucking joke and it makes me so f ing angry

brian white

Keith said...

But this is exactly why these cretins are as anti social and as troublesome as they are. That is why ASBO's are merit badges amongst the whippet owning classes. They know full well there's no social disgrace in appearing down the magistrate's court and because they aint got no job, they don't have to pay for their misdemeanors.

The way I would deal with scum like this, is unprintable here.

Anonymous said...

My son received £75.00 compensation about 7 years ago and receives approximately £1.00 to £1.35 every few months.
He has never put any of these cheques in the bank as not worth standing in bank queue for this small amount.
He has now received a form from the court asking him to complete a bacs form so that they can put straight to his account as it costs approximately £12.00 to create a cheque, what a joke, he will still be receiving these payments for a few years yet and all for a measly £75.00 so don't hold your breath mate.

Bill said...

Brian. I remember that incident at the time and it was a hell of a shock for it to happen to a driver working on the same firm as me. I dont know what I would have done if it was me. We shouldnt have to put up with these idiots.

Keith. I agree. I would do the same as you to deal with the scum

Anon. The £75 will costs the courts more. The taxpayer actually cos the accused wont pay it as he can barely afford to pay it now. Courts should be a lot tougher and if they havnt the means to pay a fine or compensation then give them hard labour. Not 3 meals a say in a prison with a TV to watch