Monday, May 18

The Long and Winding Road

Last weekend saw the annual Keswick to Barrow Walk. Now if you've never heard of this, it is a gruelling 40 mile sponsored walk raising money for charities whilst taking in some of the Lake Districts breathtaking scenary.

For us taxi drivers, we had to go and pick a few people up from the finishing post as they were too lame to walk anymore but the problem with any event like this is the amount of road closures. Actually, not so much the closures but more the parking and waiting restrictions meaning complete chaos if we went to the designated pick up point and the customer was too tired to walk to it.

Even so, it would have been a great day out for many and thousands of pounds would have been raised for various charities so well done to everyone who took part. The walk was open to everyone including disabled people and its good to see so many taking part as all proceeds will be split between many local charities.

I`ve only ever done the Keswick to Barrow once..... and that was in the car... Ho Hum...

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Anonymous said...

I was support driver for the missus and others in my works team this year.

Great event, apart from when I locked my car keys into my boot, and had to get my dad to pick the spares up from my house in Mid Lancs!!

More restrictions this year, as they had to have more Police invloved. The whole event wasn't any safer, put the Police got paid a lot of money, so I guess that's allright.