Tuesday, March 31

Guest Blogger

Well since I seem to find myself busy with other things and don't get the time to update the blog, I think a guest blogger would be more than welcome to fill my size eleven boots for a while. So folks a big welcome to local celebrity and well known radio DJ cum Taxi driver Bill Clark.
Come on bill lets hear whats been going on whilst you have been out and about on the highways and byways of this corner of the UK.


Bill said...

Thanks for the introduction Bob but size 11s. I thought I had big feet but not that big. No wonder you often put your foot in it.

Anyway look out for some regular posts from my little corner of the taxi world. Things I`ve seen on my travels, passengers I`ve talked to and experiences on my travels.

NYC taxi photo said...

excellent! off to a good start, err, continuation.

bigbikerbob said...

Hi Bill, welcome back to the wonderful world of the Taxi driver.