Sunday, January 11

Woolies Window

Here in Barrow we had an old saying, usually said by folks who earnestly believed that they were in the right. The saying went "if that's true I'll show my arse in Woolworths window" or "if I don't keep my promise I'll show my bum in Woolworths window."
Well I guess that now that Our 99 year old Woolworth store on the Main Shopping street is finally closing it's doors (and windows) for good, folks are having to rush in there to fulfill their promise. Look closely at the photo of the storefront!


Bill said...

It wasnt me... Honest.

F.B. Cabby said...

Ain't he the cheeky one!!

Peggy said...

Cute photo!

I was sad to see the last of the Woolworth stores go. They closed in the US a while ago. I couldn't bring my self to go in and pick over the bones of the dying company. It felt like grave robbing.

p.s. I'm glad you've posted!

Anonymous said...

Sad I used to love those burgers smothered in gravy

John said...

You should have kept your promise. I thought your arse was bigger.

bigbikerbob said...

Hi Bob, Nice to see you finding time to post again.I love the look on the Womans face in the bottom (pun) right of the picture.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

when I was a lad in Barra
we used to say ill show my a**e in Burtons window
as in the clothes retailer !

Bill said...

Woolworth is now re-opened as a pound shop. Everything in it for £1.00p Now thats an advert I like to see, "Everything for £1". It doesnt say £1 each so does that mean I can fill my basket and hand over just £1.

Another thought here.. If Marks and Spencer bought out Poundstretcher then would they call it Stretch Marks.