Sunday, April 13


A teenager reportedly ended up with a cabinet instead of a taxi because she asked directory inquiries for a "cab, innit". According to The Sun, the Londoner, 19, wanted a taxi to take her to Bristol airport, and first used the Cockney rhyming slang "Joe Baxi".
When the operator told her she couldn't find anyone by that name, the teen replied: "It ain't a person, it's a cab, innit."
The operator then found the nearest cabinet shop, Displaysense, and put the girl through.
She then spoke to a bemused saleswoman and eventually demanded: "Look love, how hard is it? All I want is your cheapest cab, innit. I need it for 10am. How much is it?"
The sales adviser said it would be £180 and the girl gave her address and paid with a credit card. The next morning, an office cabinet was delivered to her South London home.
The firm, of Bishop's Stretford, Hers, has now apologised and refunded her cash after the mix-up two weeks ago.
Marketing manager Steve Whittle said: "We thought it was a joke at first but the girl was absolutely livid. We have suggested that maybe she should speak a bit clearer on the phone."


Roy, Dublin Taxi Driver said...

Seriously....... that actually happened!

how come on other blogger/blogspot sites I can link back to my new blog but not on this one?


bob mullen said...

Roy: Don't know on that one, Roy you will have to ask someone a bit more technically up on it than me.

Anonymous said...

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