Monday, April 16

Easter Edinburgh

Over the Easter holidays, I spent a few days up in Scotland stopping near and visiting the beautiful city of Edinburgh. We visited the usual tourist attractions including the famous Edinburgh castle and then the city zoo, which I would say has a lot to learn from our very own South Lakes Wild Animal Park.
I was saddened to see the obvious signs of zoo madness or stress of pacing and head rocking,
in Mercedes the lone polar bear as she suffered in the heat of her small enclosure. Very depressing to watch and, to be honest, had that been the first thing I saw I don’t think I’d have gone any further. Best day out though had to be the National Museum of Scotland
right in the centre of Edinburgh, and not just because it was free; but it certainly did help that it was!
We in Barrow tend to moan about our single local speed camera but we should be thankful we don't live in big busy city's. When driving in Edinburgh I saw cameras everywhere, and not just speed cameras, they have cameras to catch you driving in the bus lanes, jumping red lights and entering box junctions when the exit isn't clear. The other thing is of course because this was Scotland not England the cameras aren't painted bright yellow like ours and aren't as easy to spot.


Anonymous said...

From an exiled-Barrovian now domiciled in Edinburgh I'm glad you enjoyed your trip.

It's a wee while since we were around the zoo and it must have gone a downhill since then. I work quite near the zoo and maybe the sounds I hear in a morning when I'm walking into work may be sounds of anguish - you've kind of spoilt it for me :-)

Your photo (your photo blog) along a gun barrel from the top of Edinburgh castle took a bit of working out.

Sorry you got caught up in the mindless war against the motorist. The fact that there was no comment about the Chinese army of blue-meany parking attendants was heartening though !!!

bob mullen said...

Cheers Jeff; Another exile eh check out Joe on Highland Days for another fugitive from Barrow.
Some of my photos are a bit that way thats why I call it "two steps back"
which you sometimes have to do to figure them out.

Unknown said...

Oh, i must agree - Edinburgh has great attractions for a tourists. Beautiful city, with great history and architecture.

Greetings, Zygmunt!
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