Friday, November 24

Time to Pay

A customer today when we reached his destination and it was time to pay the fare started to mutter. He was rummaging in his pockets for a while and then started to swear, he had had a few drinks and so I didn't take much notice. That is until he started to pull out crumbled notes and loads of small change, and mutter something I couldn't make out. " What's up is something wrong" I asked "it's not usually that much he said" I looked at the meter which read £4.60p, and thought "well we've got a tightwad here" no that's right I said and waited for the fare. I was baffled when he then started to count out notes and coins and hand them over saying "I still think you've overcharged me but here's the £13.16p" I looked at him and then at the meter at a loss as to what was going on, and then it dawned on me he was actually looking at the twenty four hour digital clock on the radio, and yes you've guessed it the time was sixteen minutes past one. When I pointed out his mistake it was harder to tell whether he was more relieved about the price or more embarrassed about his mistake.

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Bill said...

Very funny, I`ve had similar myself whjen taxi driving but usually the other way round. If you start the meter at say £2.10p and they get in the cab at say 12.15am they lookm at the meter and think that they`ve stayed out later than anticipated.

By the way Bob, what are "Labels" and did you get my email about my blog and a little advice