Wednesday, December 14


How many people can say that a perfect stranger has got into their car and within five minutes ends up talking about sex? This happened to me yesterday she was a perfectly respectable middle aged lady who some how got on to the subject of how young people are too open about sex and that people of her generation just don’t talk about it, she then went on to mention prostitutes, transsexuals, gays and extra marital affairs, all within a ten minute journey. Don’t suppose she would do the same with a bus driver or a shopkeeper strange eh!


Anonymous said...

Not a shopkeeper but maybe a bus driver. Talking to the back of someones head is easier than to their face I think.

bob mullen said...

Well yes I call the seat directly behind me the confessional,thats where they tend to sit if they have something to say in private.

Unknown said...

Don't know about you Bob but I really hate it when people sit behind me like that unless there are other people in the cab also.

To my mind thats the "I don't want the driver to see me" seat or "I might have criminal intentions"

I've actually asked a lady in a suit to slide over to the left (non driving side in Australia) and explained why. She didn't appreciate it though.

As for the conversation. I'm never amazed as to the topics that come up in a night shift cab. Tonight I had a group of girls hanging crap on each other about their boob sizes!! It takes all kinds.