Sunday, April 1


Sunday morning and the 1st of April and of course we get the usual rash of phony phone calls for taxi's to fake addresses. This is to be expected, and we get them every April fools day, but it seems that some of these folk haven't cottoned on to modern technology. When they ring our office the number is displayed and if they have used us before, the computer matches that number with the name and address. And if it's a mobile every single address that it's ever been used to call a taxi to and from is listed. But when we get a phony call to an out of town address, as I did to Dalton this is when we see it as downright malicious. When I saw that there was no such number in the street, I called the office thinking that maybe the customer had mistaken the number. I was given the mobile phone number that had called and when I rang it a very drunk women answered, who was shocked when she realised that we had her number and hung up after trying to deny ringing us. A while later it suddenly come to me who the voice belonged to, it was definitely the crazy women who we banned in January. It seems that she has some sort of fixation with taxi's and used them even for short journeys of a few hundred yards. Only problem was she never seemed to have any money to pay for them, and always asked the driver if she could owe him the cash, which of course she never ended up paying. Still never mind the phone she used will come up as banned on the computer next time she tries to call a cab.


Lou said...

Just out of interest, what happens if someone witholds their number? Mine isnt with held I'm just curious

Bob said...

lou: You would not come up on caller display and you would not get ringback.

Lou said...

Hmm maybe I should do that, save me rushing to the phone cursing that someone is calling just as my taxi turned up LOL