Wednesday, January 31


We don't usually like losing customers, but I think we are well shut of one that we have banned this week. It seems that she has some sort of fixation with taxi's and used them even for short journeys of a few hundred yards. Only problem was she never seemed to have any money to pay for them, and always asked the driver if she could owe him the cash. I had picked her up myself the other day and of course she did the same with me, but I noticed when I gave her a card with the I.O.U written on that she put it with a bunch of others as thick as a deck of cards. Most of them will have been for a couple of pounds or less, and so the drivers wouldn't bother chasing the dept up too much. But altogether I would guess she must owe a few hundred pounds out to drivers all over town. I found out later that our firm was just the latest on the list she had been diddling for months all over town. She will be added to the select few who are banned by every taxi firm in the town, most of them for good reason. One particular fare who is banned because of his many personal hygiene problems,( and no we're not just talking about a bad case of BO here) it seems he just won't accept the fact that he's banned . Because the computer recognises his number and tells the operator that he's banned he tries withholding his number or pesters a neighbour to ring for him. He then gives another house number and waits nearby for the cab, but most drivers recognise him and drive round him as he stands waving frantically in the middle of the road.

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Night Hawker said...

trouble is,there are few potential punters out there who don't deserve to be banned for one good reason or another.

punters do ruin what should be an enjoyable job.