Tuesday, January 30

Green Wind?

I see that Barrow's Tesco supermarket have just installed a large wind turbine. Some folk might say that this is just a bit of window dressing, and that Tesco could do more for the environment by other more effective but less visible means. One obvious way is less and more recyclable packaging, and a more ethical but sadly less profitable choice of suppliers. Still I will wait to see how often I actually see it turning, most of the onshore wind turbines in this area never seem to be in use.


Peggy said...

I've seen the ones just off the M6 near the Kendal exits turning. I think they look good. Much better looking than the big cooling towers of a power plant.

Phin said...

I'm all for wind turbines. We've got a good few over here in the Fens but none anywhere right near us. I wouldn't mind having them within sight of my house, it would be an improvement on the gas power station they built 1.5 miles away a few years back. I think the wind turbines look quite graceful. Those numpties who campaign against them really get my goat.