Monday, April 2

Full Moon

We tend to pickup quite a lot of care home staff, from both the private and local authority run residential homes. Lot's of these hard working folk do the night shift and over time you learn to keep the chat down if they look tired when you pick them up after a stressful night. But the one thing that they will all tell you is that they have the most stressful times on the nights when it's a full moon. It seems that the full moon has some strange sort of affect, sometimes even on the quietest least troublesome residents, and that strange things happen in the dead of night. They tell me of folk wondering down corridors who wouldn't usually leave their beds, and of the lustful words of men remembering loves from the dim and distant past. Folk who have shown no interest in the outside world for many years struggle towards windows, and some staff tell story's of residents stripping of to moon bathe. Who knows what causes this, do we become more sensitive to the moon and other forces when we get old? Who knows but their must be something in it because far too many staff from many different homes have been telling me these story's for far too long for it to be made up.


Dogbait said...

em seirrow reven ti, Bob.

Bob said...

KO no taht tiabgod