Tuesday, April 3

The Secret

I couldn't help but overhear my lady customer being told as she walked towards the car to "remember keep quiet, tell nobody it's a secret." But of course being a women, within thirty seconds of getting in the cab she was revealing all, she just could not wait to tell me the big secret, even though I had never met her before in my life. She was only going a short distance, but she had enough time to give me every detail of what must be destined to be the worlds worst kept secret. As we stopped outside her destination she spotted some people she knew on the street and practically ran after them in her hurry to spill the beans. What was the secret? Well just between us, and as long as it goes no further, it seems that over Easter we should be looking out for Mick Hucknall lead singer from Simply Red, who is visiting relatives and friends in the Barrow area.

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Keith said...

Maybe he'll take a ride in your cab.