Sunday, September 8

Murder Miles

As soon as I saw the guy come out of the White House hotel I recognised him, it had been a long long while but I definitely remembered him.
A bit creepy with body language you somehow can’t interpret and laughing at inappropriate times was what I recalled most about him.
 He got in the cab without making eye contact and mumbled his destination and so we set of for Askam which is about six miles away.
 Not seen you for a long while I said, must be twelve or fifteen years maybe eh?
Have you moved away or something I asked.
 Without looking at me, he said, “No I’ve been in prison for a long while “without thinking it I stupidly said oh aye! What for?
” MURDER” he casually, replied.
There was an awkward silence for a while with me frantically racking my brain for a safer subject
How’s your father then not seen him for a while I asked?
It was him I was in jail for killing he said without looking up from playing with his phone.

Rest of the now long long journey in  total silence.

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