Tuesday, September 10

Nee Naw

I was a bit curious when I spotted this car sporting the words N.W Blood Bikes.
I mean blood and bikes could mean any number of things to a lot of people eh?
So of course I googled it and the website tells me that they" provide a voluntary out of hours transport service to our local hospitals by carrying urgent and emergency blood, blood derivatives, samples, donor breast milk for premature babies, Doctors notes, and theatre equipment, in fact anything that can be carried by motorcycle, between hospitals.
We provide this service through the night, at weekends and Bank Holidays enabling hospital funding to be better spent on patient care."
Mmm I thought that sounds familiar, isn't that exactly what we as a local taxi service do every day of the year 24 hours a day. Of course we charge for our services but that's part of what we do for our living. Why do these seemingly charity minded bikers want to steal the bread from our table?
Is it because they want to help out the poor old cash strapped National Health Service?
Mmm maybe so but aren't they inadvertently helping to downgrade that very service into a charity aided shadow to the private health industry?
I have just heard recently that our area here in Furness has had a reduction in emergency ambulance cover down from five units to two. Oh but don't worry if anything major happens we can rely on the air ambulance helicopter to help. 
Mmm but wait a minute isn't that charity funded as well?  
What next: sponsor's names on staff uniforms and collection boxes in casualty maybe?
We should remember that we all pay towards the NHS and we shouldn't be helping to dismantle it.
But maybe the truth is that these guys may have the best of intentions but being blunt they could be seen as macho weekend warriors playing at being an emergency service rider.
Nee Naw Nee Naww eh!

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These are some pretty crazy stories --Richmond cab