Wednesday, June 9

Motorway Madness

A few times in the last 3 or 4 week I have had reason to make use of Britain's motorway network. Now consider these are suppose to be the safest roads to drive on then there should be no problem with a nice easy drive as you head out on your journey.

Speeds on motorways in the UK are 70mph (around 120kmh) and the roads are wider, usually 3 lanes or more. All traffic goes in one direction, no roundabouts or traffic lights, no pedestrians or cyclists and all you need do is obey the rules oif the road and you should be OK.

One of my pet hates when motorway driving is idiots that come right up behind you, (Tailgating). Its dangerous as they are not leaving a large enough gap to stop in time should you need to brake hard but this last few week its not been the tailgater, Its been the white van driver and the sales reps.

They think they own the road and feel that its ok to not use their mirrors, pull out without indicating, overtake without warning, undertake and generally swerve from lane to lane.

Each one I actually managed to drive passed I looked at them and everyone of them had a mobile phone to their ear and driving with one hand on the wheel and obviously by their manner of driving they were not concentrating.

One lady driver had a mobile phone to her ear and a map laid out in front of her whilst she was driving.

Perish the thought of an accident waiting to happen. Every single person that weaved or drove erratically was on the phone at the time. The fine is £60 and and endorsement on the licence but this doesn't seem to deter these people.


Ninjamedic said...

I've noticed the same thing over here in the US. 9 times out of 10 the person driving like an idiot has a cell phone glued to their ear, oblivious to the fact that they're drifting in and out of their lane or have half a mile of traffic backed up behind them.

It's a horribly dangerous habit.

Anonymous said...

I agree! Are you sure this was written in G.B. and not in any suburb of Washington, D.C., USA?


Pat Neal said...

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Ramin said...

They do that shit here in St Louis too!

Best Regards!

AA Taxi ST Louis

Iggy said...

taxi rides out of hand

Henna said...

its been proved that most of the people who are either driving too slow, too bad or like a maniac who is out of this world are seen talking on the phone, i wonder why does it happen that while talking on phone they go mad and more over why not get a handsfree