Monday, June 28

No answer

I was sat there listening to the taxi radio when the operator shouted up a driver and there was no response. She then shouted another driver and again there was no response. This went on for about 4 different drivers then all of a sudden all I heard over the radio from the operator was

"Is anyone rogering me tonight or not" I think I knew what she meant but the way iot came out sounded more like something else if you know what I mean. I just went into fits of laughter

Roger - Over and out


Peggy said...

I have a very base and (occasionally) crass sense of humour. I would have laughed!

Mauro Castro said...

I'm brazilian taxi driver.

Paul - City7100 said...

I hadn't heard the term "rogering" before so I Googled it just to be sure - thought that's what it meant... Too funny!

Keep writing, I enjoy reading
Paul City7100

Anonymous said...

I agree..Keep it up! The taxi industry doens't get near the recognition it deserves. Quite a humorous profession!

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taxi ile maurice said...

Great Job !