Sunday, February 14

Valentines Weekend

Well so far so good. The weekend has gone ok but its been a quiet one. The road works are causing major delays and a detour into town adding an extra mile on the journey coming from Barrow Island.

One conversation in the car this weekend between a mother and a young girl aged around 8 years old was quite enlightening. The young girl said she had a boyfriend at school and her mother asked who it was. As most 8 year olds do, they refuse to say who it is and she said "I`m not telling, its a secret". Her mother replied by saying that she shouldn't have boyfriends as she was too young to which the little girl promptly said." I need a boyfriend as I don't want to become a lesbian like my sister" I tried not to laugh at this as her mother instantly started to shout at her saying that we dont talk about things like that and its not right etc etc.

Made me laugh anyway, you don't expect a young girl to come out with that in conversation


Peggy said...

Poor kid! She probably doesn't need to be shouted at like that. When girls are eight, there is nothing sinister in a schoolyard boyfriend. What she probably learned was not to tell her mother things.

steve said...

Dear Bob,

Can you get in touch with me please, I am Steven Greaves from BBC Radio Cumbria...

I think your taxi tales will work very well in a feature I run in our teatime show.

My email address is

or you can call 01228592444 and ask to speak to me.



King of New York Hacks said...

Those are the moments after I drop people off ...that the air just seems fresher...great post.

Cloud said...

great post.. that's funny answer..